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Antique Beef™️

Antique Beef™️

Antique Beef™️
Central Valley, CA

Antique Beef™️ is Cream Co.’s signature aged-on-the-hoof organic beef program, and the first aggregate supply chain of small organic farms we built from the grass up.

When we launched Antique Beef in 2016, the immediate reaction was resounding. “Who wants to eat old cows?” Fast forward a few short years, and the rise in interest and consumption of older animals is only getting started.

In the industry’s obsessive pursuit of tenderness, consumers have been taught to think of flavor as an afterthought. Antique Beef flips the equation. The math behind Antique Beef is simple: the more time an animal has to develop flavor, the more flavorful its meat will be. We call this aging on the hoof.

Conventional beef is raised to an average of 18 months. We harvest Antique Beef at an average of seven years. The animals are allowed to naturally mature at their own genetic rate, surrounded by healthy habitat, nutritionally balanced food, and clean water. The animals develop an incredible depth of flavor that can only be attained with time and healthy movement and body composition. Each individual animal is harvested at its flavor peak. The result is a richly developed beef flavor exploding with umami.

Our pasture-raised organic Holsteins enjoy long, happy lives roaming freely, developing naturally and foraging organic pasture. 80% of the cows’ diet comes from the native grasses and pasture they call home. The other 20% is a mix of organic silage, oats, almond hulls, and other organic grains selected and served by the rancher to balance the animal’s nutritional profile throughout its life. We find that this combination delivers the best of both grass-fed and grain-fed flavor profiles. Our Antique Beef is never finished.

100% Holstein
80% organic pasture, 20% organic grains
CCOF, Oregon Tilth, Rancher’s PreferenceAverage age of Antique Beefat harvest: 7 years
Average age of conventional beef at harvest
18 months