Encina Farms

Encina Farms

Encina Farms
Middletown, CA

In Spanish, Encina means oak tree and bellotas means acorns. Both are an integral part of raising Ibérico pigs. It is the acorn finish that is essential the to the diet of the Ibérico pork. With its rich flavor and a healthy fat profile, until recently Jamon Ibérico de bellota was only raised and available in its native Spain. 

Alberto Solis, originally from Spain, and Helmut Drews, originally from Colombia, joined forces to start Encina Farms and bring this legendary breed to Northern California. Focused solely on the Ibérico breed, they are raising their hogs on a 650+ acre farm in Middletown, California that has over 350 acres of oak woodlands. Alberto and Helmut employ traditional Spanish practices while leveraging new regenerative practices. The pigs are raised hormone and antibiotic free and finished on a diet of acorns ensuring the flavor & nutritional profile this breed is known for.

We believe in free range and humane farming, and use no antibiotics or hormones. At about 10 months of age, each pig is released in the oak woodlands, where it has plenty of land to explore, eating grasses, herbs, nuts, mushrooms, etc. and finishing on acorns. During the feeding season, each pig can consume acorns from as many as 40 oak trees and walk as much as 10 miles a day. Raising Ibérico pigs preserves our California oak woodlands, too, and rejuvenates the land.

- Alberto Solis & Helmut Drews