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Corn-Finished Hanger Steak

Corn-Finished Hanger Steak

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8 oz

Like the pearl of an oyster, there's only a single Hanger Steak tucked into the belly of every steer. Given the chance, chefs will always snap this cut up. 

The Hanger Steak combines the depth of flavor of the Ribeye Steak with the cut-it-with-a-fork tenderness of Beef Tenderloin.

Our Creekstone beef is pasture raised and holistically finished. Each beef is whole carcass dry-aged 14–21 days before being broken down into primals and steaks.

Black Angus Certified Humane

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Arkansas City, KS

We turn to Creekstone Farms for a 100%-natural take on classic Black Angus corn-finished beef and Heritage Duroc Pork.  

Small by midwestern meat processor standards, Creekstone's All-natural, Never, Ever program tracks each animal for its entire life, starting on the farm, to the quality of the finishing corn, to Creekstone's state-of-the-art Temple Grandin designed Humane Certified abattoir. 

Creekstone selects each Black Angus by hand. The animals are pastured for most of their lives, and finished on high-quality corn. They are never given hormones or antibiotics. 

Their natural Duroc Pork program is also all-natrual. No antibiotics or hormones, ever.