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Frequently asked


Orders $150+ ship for free.
For orders up to $149.99 there is a $25 shipping fee.

We ship to California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Arizona.

We ship via UPS with 1-2 day transit time on the following schedule.

Out of state orders ship Monday and Tuesday.

California orders ship Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday.

We do not ship on Thursday or Friday.

Will Call is available Monday through Friday for residents that live near Oakland.

It takes our butchery 5-7 business days to prepare your order. Once your order is ready you will receive a shipment confirmation.

Out of state orders ship Monday and Tuesday.

California orders ship Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday.

We do not ship Thursday or Friday.

We ask for 5-7 business days to process and fill your order. Orders are shipped via UPS with a 1-2 day transit time depending on your location. You will receive tracking information once your order ships.

Orders with a shipping destination that is outside of California will only ship Monday and Tuesday.

California orders ship Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

We do not ship on Thursday or Friday.

Pick up hours are Monday-Thursday 8-5pm & Friday 8-3pm. Pickup orders will be ready in 2-3 business days. You will receive a notice when your order is ready.

Please make sure to have that order confirmation number handy. When you arrive, please come to the front door and let us know you're here to pick up a retail order.

If you can't make it during our normal pickup time, please email us at We're happy to accommodate other pickup times.

Pickup orders left at our facility for 14+ days will be canceled and you will not be refunded.

We do not require you to be present at the time of delivery. However, we will only leave orders in safe and secure places. If you live in an apartment building we will leave your order in the lobby (if there is one) or at your door if possible. We will not leave an order in plain view.  All our orders are shipped in curbside recyclable insulated boxes with frozen gel packs and dry-ice (which likely will have disappeared by the time you receive your order). This will keep your order at a safe temperature for 2-3 days.

If your order was shipped via our 3rd party shipper, they will try to re-deliver the following day. All orders that are returned to Cream Co. due to inability to complete delivery are a total loss to us and to you.  

If your order was being delivered by our drivers, we will call you at the time of attempted delivery. If you are not available, we will bring your order back to our office in Oakland. You will be notified that your order is now available for local pick-up. Please note that your delivery fee will not be refunded.

Our insulated packaging and dry ice will normally keep the products cold way past the estimated delivery date. Upon unboxing your order, if the meat is very cold to the touch like you’ve just taken it out of the fridge (roughly 40°F), it is safe to eat per the USDA. You can also refreeze any items that have thawed as long as they are 40°F or below.

On rare occassions, the meat can thaw due to delays or damage to the box. If you feel the meat has spoiled or is above 40°F, please take pictures of the products and the box(s). In order for us to determine what went wrong and process a refund or replacement order we need to see pictures. Please email us at


Please e-mail us at and our customer service team will happily assist you.

If you wanted to cancel within a few hours of your order being placed, it most likely is possible. Please reach out to us through

Once an order goes into production it can not be canceled.

Cream Co Meats reserves the right to cancel any order at any time for any reason. If your order is canceled you will be notified and fully refunded.

Due to the perishable nature of all products, no returns will be accepted. All sales are final. 

In certain cases, we do offer refunds. 

If Cream Co. Meats needs to cancel your order or a part of your order, for any reason, we will provide a refund.

If you request to change your order from delivery to pick-up and we approve the change, we will offer a refund on the shipping fee. Please note, we will not be able to change your order back to delivery.


Your first subscription order will ship within 1 week of placing your order. Your subsequent shipments will process at the cadence you selected. So if you set up a monthly subscription, your next order would process in 30 days.

No. Unfortunately, we are not able to allow subscription orders to be picked up.

There will be no shipping fee for orders over $150. There is a $25 shipping fee for all orders under $149.99.

Yes! Five days before your order is processed you will receive an email (and text) reminder.

Of course! Just log into your account and hit skip.

Yes. All you need to do is log into your customer account and hit the cancel button. Please note that this will cancel your subscription in its entirety.


Cream Co. packages our products in high quality, food safe vacuum sealed polyethylene packaging, with the exception of our Dry-Aged Steaks & Chops, which are wrapped in food safe butcher paper.

Once we receive your order, we combine your items in our fully curbside recyclable insulated boxes, place ice packs at the bottom, and top it off with dry ice (which likely disappears before you receive your box). Your box is guaranteed to stay below the safe temperature for 48 hrs after it leaves our facility, though we recommend refrigerating your product immediately on receipt.

In order to provide you the most flexibility in consumption of your products, Cream Co. Meats ships the majority of our products frozen. The current exceptions are our Dry-Aged Steaks & Chops, Salumi, and our Pantry items. Once you’re ready to consume our frozen meats, just thaw them out in your refrigerator or cold water.

Not to worry! Popped seals do happen from time to time. Freezing and thawing tends to change the shape of the meat which can lead to compromised seals. A loose package does not mean the meat is spoiled or damaged. However, it may be more susceptible to freezer burn.


The majority of our meats are not cooked. Our Smoked Sausages and Salumi Trio are fully cooked. 

We use an industrial freezing process that works much faster than a home freezer. You can safely put your order into your freezer without worrying about the quality of the meat even if it has thawed out a bit. That being said, we do not recommend that you freeze, thaw, and refreeze your meat.

Safety is our number one priority. Do not eat meat that you do not believe is safe to consume under any circumstances. Please e-mail us at and we will help you with the best course of action. We will do everything in our power to resolve the situation to your satisfaction. Any error resulting in an unsafe product arriving to the customer will be fully investigated, and the customer will be made whole for any loss for which they were not directly responsible.

Yes! We offer digital gift cards.

You can also ship an order as a gift. Just check the “This is a gift” box on the cart page. If you would like to leave a note for the lucky recipient, you can do that on the cart page as well.


Cream Co. is a food hub committed to aggregating and amplifying small meat producers along the West Coast of the United States. More than a distributor, we create supply chains for our partners, help them scale sustainably and connect them with buyers they may not normally be able to access due to their size. Having developed expertise in this area, we are uniquely positioned to add value at every step between farm and fork.

Cream Co. sells to high-end butcher shops, restaurants, chefs, hotels, education institutions, corporate campuses and increasingly, directly to consumers.

We define “small" as $5M and under in revenue. Additionally, our partners must commit to our standards of animal husbandry and land stewardship, and must raise their animals grass-fed, antibiotic and hormone-free.

We are proudly based in Oakland, California at 700 Julie Ann Way. You can email us at

Yes, you can leave us a voicemail at 501.900.MEAT. Please leave your name, phone number and order number.

Our office is open Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm. Calls that come in outside of our office hours will be responded to the following business day.

Third-party meat certifications are the labels on the packages of meat products, generally indicating how the animal was raised, slaughtered and processed – whether it be humane treatment, sustainability, organic or natural, grass-fed or otherwise. It is important to research what the labels you’re seeing actually mean as some have less stringent requirements than others, and they should regularly audit producers’ practices.

Young animals tend to be tender and many people are obsessed with correlating tenderness with tastiness, which isn’t necessarily the case. Often these juveniles aren’t allowed to roam and are pumped full of GMOs, growth hormones and more. Pasture-raised, grass-fed organic older animals such as retiring milk cows have had a long lifetime to eat the natural ingredients that make them delicious as meat. In turn, their muscles tend to be better developed, leading to a rich, vibrant red coloration. 


Our trademarked grass-fed beef sourced from retired dairy cows who have lived long, happy lives on the pasture and have been aged to perfection on the hoof.

Staple crops, dairy and livestock produced to feed people, animals and the industrial agricultural complex; monoculture production often leading to the most quantity with the least quality.

Also known as Industrial Agriculture; resource and energy intensive — often relies on synthetic chemicals and fertilizers for crops and GMOs, hormones and antibiotics for animals.

Animals that are allowed to forage for their own food on the pasture for their entire lives.

Historic breeds of traditional livestock that were raised prior to the mainstream monoculture movement of industrial agriculture — while many retain the instincts to survive (fertility, foraging ability, longevity, maternal instincts, ability to mate naturally, and resistance to diseases and parasites), they are still facing extinction due to the high demands of modern farming practices.

Generally speaking, this means raising crops and animals as nature intended —without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, GMOs, irradiation, hormones, antibiotics or feed additives— and may include a variety of third-party certifications ranging from Non-GMO to Organic.

Instead of living cooped up in cages, these are chickens that live outside in a natural habitat — grazing on grass in the fresh air with plenty of space to roam and forage.

A system of farming principles and practices that increase biodiversity, enriches soils, which in turn helps to fight climate change by capturing carbon in soil and aboveground biomass.

All the principles of natural farming with the additional ecological values of land stewardship and animal husbandry to have the least negative impact, including replenishing soil nutrients, minimizing the use of water and non-renewable energy, and maintaining local biodiversity and forests.

Ranches that are vertically integrated control the meat production process, having ownership from how the animal is raised to how it is slaughtered, butchered and packaged, reducing their financial and time costs and adding an extra level of transparency.