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Antique Beef Boneless Ribeye Steak

Antique Beef Boneless Ribeye Steak

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These steaks come from our ranching partner Richards Grassfed in the Sierra Foothills. They are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished and are on average about 8 years old. 

The whole carcass is dry aged for 21 days at harvest. This aging process allows for the enzymatic breakdown of the muscle and reduces water content, which increases tenderness and concentrates flavor. These steaks are a testament to time, which we believe is the ultimate secret ingredient of all food.

Certified Humane Dry-Aged Natural

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Richards Grassfed Beef
Richards Grassfed Beef

Oregon House, CA

Siblings Carrie and Tom Richards have revitalized and expanded their sixth-generation family ranch through a passionate commitment to sustainable and regenerative agriculture and improving the health of the farm from the soil up.

Richards Grassfed Beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished certified by the American Grassfed Association. In 2019, RGF became the first ranch west of the Mississippi to receive the Savory Institute's groundbreaking Land to Market™ certification for regenerative ranching. 

Richards Grassfed's intensive rotational grazing practices maintain healthy pasture composition year-round without the use of artificial fertilizers. The ranch is supported by two complementary properties. The main family ranch stretches across 6,600 acres at medium altitude in the Easter Sierras of Yuba county; perfectly positioned above the valley fog layer and below the snowline. Their second, larger Jess Valley property in Modoc County runs adjacent to Forest Service acreage, allowing the animals access to over 12,000 acres of pristine native perennial pasture. The two properties are complimentary. Modoc County gets snow late fall to early winter just as the Yuba’s grass season is beginning and will run through October. All supplemental grasses needed for both properties and the entire herd are grown at the Jessy Valley Ranches’ hay operation.