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Barrel Smoked Bacon

Barrel Smoked Bacon

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Sundays are better with bacon. Heck, everyday is better with bacon. Journeyman Meat Co.'s barrel smoked bacon is hand cured and smoked with wine barrels instead of wood chips which gives it a unique flavor.

Harvested in Sonoma County from heritage breed, vegetarian fed, crate free hogs raised only on small family farms that use humane and sustainable animal farming techniques.

12 oz package

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    Journeyman Meat Co.
    Journeyman Meat Co.

    Healdsburg, CA

    Journeyman Meat Co. marries old-world charcuterie techniques with the bounty of Sonoma agriculture at the only USDA-certified meat curing facility — or salumificio— in wine country.

    In a world where time is an increasingly precious resource, time remains a vital ingredient in Journeyman Meats’ exquisite small batch charcuterie and salumi. 

    Vintner and salumist Pete Seghesio produces charcuterie the old-world way, using proprietary cultures imported from Parma. Four Italian designed small-batch fermentation chambers and two aging rooms — one for salami and one for whole muscle curing — balance state of the art modern technology with time-tested Italian tradition. 

    Pete maintains his aging rooms at the lowest temperatures and highest humidity in the industry. This allows natural fermentation promoting pH and enzymatic development without using additives like synthetic acids and industrial cultures or requiring excessive sugar to feed the bacteria. The process takes longer than most salumificio invest, and the difference is clear. Time leads to a more consistent, delicious, evenly cured, and all-around better product.