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Regenerative Broad Breasted White Turkey

Regenerative Broad Breasted White Turkey

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Our flock is raised in partnership with PT Ranch, an Ecological Outcome Verified Regenerative Ranch in Lodi wine country, two hours east of San Francisco.

PT Ranch practices rotational, multi-species grazing, and agroforestry to promote restoration of their soil health, and carbon sequestration. 
We chose Broad Breasted White genetics for their beautiful body composition and tender breast and leg meat. Californian to their core, the birds spend their lives grazing freely on perennial native grasses. They are harvested locally and air chilled. 
Here's to making eating delicious local food with your family and friends while fighting climate change a new holiday tradition!

Not sure what size you need? A safe bet is 1.25 lbs per guest. 

We do our best to predict the weights of the turkeys and provide you with a bird as close to the weight that you ordered, but final weights vary.

Don't forget to pick up a signature Oaktown Spice Shop Brine Mix for your turkey.

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Bay Area Grown Pasture Raised Regenerative

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PT Ranch
PT Ranch

Ione, CA

Nestled on 500 acres in the Sierra Foothills, PT Ranch is a third generation Ecological Outcome Verified ranch specializing in pastured poultry.

Soil health has been a main focus of our business since Emily Taylor took over managing her family's land in 2017. The ranch implements a multitude of regenerative farming practices including rotational multi-species grazing, cover cropping, no-till farming, compost application, and agroforestry (they've planted over 6,000 trees to date!) to sequester carbon in their soils.