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Wilder Mustard

Wilder Mustard

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6 oz

All natural ingredients come together to make one heck of a punchy mustard. From sandwiches to corndogs and everything in between, these mustards are top of the pops!

Available in three flavors: 

  • Dijonish - A classic refreshed. This balanced mustard sets the golden standard for your dijon collection
  • Jalapeño - A little spicy! This hot baby will turn up your mustard game!
  • Sweet & Hot - Sweet & Spicy. This grainy mustard acts all nice, then steals your girlfriend (or hamburger).

*prepared in a facility that processes tree nuts

Bay-Area-Business Small Batch Vegan

Free shipping on orders $150+
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The Pantry
The Pantry

Oakland, CA

We are foragers. Collecting and curating the best of the best is the Cream Co. core.

For years we've traversed the West Coast meeting ranchers, farmers, chefs,  artisan producers, and tinkerers of all stripes. We're driven by meat, but we've picked up some delicious meat-adjacent goods along the way.

The Cream Co. Pantry is a way to make some of our favorite items from our personal pantries and kitchens available to you, and help spread the word for producers we love.