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Ferndale Farm

Ferndale Farm

Ferndale Farm
Cannon Falls, USA

When Fern and husband Dale (Ferndale) started growing turkey on their Cannon Falls farm, they did it the only way they knew how — without shortcuts. 75 years and 3 generations later, that philosophy hasn’t changed. Rather than following the industrial turkey farming model, the Peterson's stuck to their roots and followed the time-honored approach. Today, a compassionate approach to flock management and regenerative farming is still practiced in a dynamic dance between land steward farmer and mother nature rotating the turkeys during the prime pasture growing season.

The outdoor “Pasture Grazed” approach means that the birds are constantly rotated into a new green and growing pasture. This is key to managing flock health while allowing for the even distribution of nutrients, setting the stage for another beautiful crop of pasture next year.

These incredible turkeys are:

  • Free to roam and graze on lush, open pasture
  • Sustainably and humanely raised on a 3rd generation family farm
  • Never ever iven antibiotics
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