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Klingeman Family Farms

Klingeman Family Farms

Klingeman Family Farms
Ephrata, WA

The Klingeman family are pioneers of humane animal husbandry and dietary practices. Klingeman Farms was the first Non-GMO Project Verified ranch, as well as the first US ranch to receive Food Alliance Certification. The Klingemans remain at the forefront of both movements, and have created a unique and consistently tasty pork program that has proven both sustainable and scalable. The pigs enjoy abundant open living space and fresh water access. Hoop houses with fresh straw bedding provide shelter from the elements and predators. 

The key to the Klingeman Farms pork’s superior fat, flavor, and performance is a 100% corn and soy-free diet combined with generations of exacting genetic selection from a long line of Berkshire–Landrace/Chester/Yorkshire crosses. The pigs are raised on fine European grains — a Non-GMO Project Verified mix of wheat, barley, peas, flax seed, and naturally occurring minerals. We love these pigs for their explosive flavor. The meat has a brightness and natural acidity. Its longer grain delivers an incredible mouthfeel, akin to “white beef”.

Lightly marbled with a hard white fat cap, Klingeman Farms Pork is ideal for cooking, curing, and whole hog roasting. The pork's signature fat cap—resulting from that small grain finish—is wondrously clean, and doesn't oxidize or grease out like fat containing corn or soy. These hogs are a charcutier’s dream.

Landrace/Chester/Yorkshire sow crossed with Berkshire boars
Pasture; Non-GMO, corn-free, soy-free, grain finish