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Peads & Barnetts

Peads & Barnetts

Peads & Barnetts
Catheys Valley, CA

Oliver Woolley is a third generation hog farmer raising pure bred Berkshire Pigs in Mariposa County, CA. The ranch is run under the firm belief that raising pigs outdoors in symbiosis with the natural environment is not only good for land but has a positive effect on the quality of the meat these animals produce. Berkshire Pigs are highly regarded for juicy, tender, and flavorful pork which is heavily marbled with fat. 

Peads and Barnetts hogs spend their lives 100% outdoors on pasture, rotating from paddock to paddock every few months in tandem with their neighbors cattle. This provides the soil with nutrient dense fertilizer and allows the grasses ample time to rest and regenerate. 

They are free to roam and root for food while being provided with a supplemental wheat and barley feed made by the P&B team themselves. No soy, no corn, no antibiotics or hormones. These naturally fed Berkshire hogs take about twice as long to grow as typical commercial pigs with the end result being beautifully marbled, flavorful pork raised right here in California.

Natural Forage, Wheat and Barley