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StarWalker Organic Farms

StarWalker Organic Farms

StarWalker Organic Farms
Scott Valley, CA

 It’s hard to find Certified Organic pork, let alone a certified organic pig farm with StarWalker Organic Farms’ biodiversity and focus on heritage breeds. Owners Jason and Kristina are third-generation ranchers who share our love of the unconventional, with organic farming having been in the family for over 40 years.

Their organic pork program started as Jason’s hobby and love for raising pigs. (Can you blame him?) Scott Valley also happens to be large-scale Black Angus territory, and he realized that scaling his passion for piggies and doubling down on organic would allow him to offer the market something completely unique. He crosses Chester White sows with Berkshire boars and raises his pigs on pasture to 275–300 lbs.

The swine alternate pasture with StarWalker’s organic Highland Beef herd, kicking over nutrient rich cow patties and restoring the grass for future growth. The pasture-raised pork takes on a rich but clean buttery nuttiness, with the Berkshire genes lending a beautiful marbling and vibrant red to the meat.

Chester White crossed with Berkshire
Pasture supplemented with No-soy Organic Feed
Scott Valley, CA
CCOF Certified Organic, Certified Humane, No-Soy