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TomKat Ranch

TomKat Ranch

TomKat Ranch
Pescadero, CA

TomKat founders Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor are on a mission. The goal is to transform five million acres to regenerative land management and eaters to regeneratively grown food. 

The Ranch is viewed as a learning laboratory where we can recall and learn how to cultivate food that truly nourishes, builds community, and restores our planetary health. The aim is to find a way forward that respects the biodiversity of the local ecosystems, protects essential water resources, re-sequesters excess carbon in our air and oceans, and restore economic resiliency to rural populations who are among the stewards of the land.

TomKat Ranch works to demonstrate the practices and benefits of regenerative ranching and support the research and tools that can help it spread. Over ten years of learning has shown that rangelands can produce healthy food while also providing habitat for wildlife and pollinators, preserving scenic open space, filtering and holding rainwater, and housing a diversity of plant and microbial communities that can transform soils into sinks for greenhouse gases.