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True Story Farms

True Story Farms

True Story Farms
Osage County, USA

True Story Farms produces best in class all natural deli meats as well as premium quality heritage breed fresh pork. By operating a network of small family farms, True Story Farms is able maintain strict standards of environmental stewardship. True Story only partners with farmers who raise their animals ethically, humanely, and to the highest quality standards. These farmers think of their operations as small ecosystems and are constantly working too improve their practices, including efforts to implement:

  • Hogs are humanely raised outdoors on certified organic land. They are allowed to root and forage, creating a low-stress natural environment for them to thrive
  • Diversified farming operations, including holistic, integrated systems of livestock, grain, hay, pasture, vegetable and forest product enterprises
  • Regenerative agriculture practices such as minimum and no-tillage farming, mulching, crop rotation, cover crops, and composting
  • Minimal use of fertilizer, plus regular soil analysis to prevent the overloading of phosphorous and other elements.

True Story Farms meats are always antibiotic and hormone free, vegetarian fed and third party certified humane.

Korobuta, Duroc and Chester White
All-natural grains and grasses in addition to what they forage outdoors